Mobile Surveillance Unit

The mobile surveillance trailer can be placed anywhere and is designed to provide a single solution for the deployment of surveillance and video storage in locations where either power or Internet capabilities are inadequate.


The primary power source for this system is an array of on-board deep cycle batteries. Solar panels are used to recharge and supplement these batteries during daylight hours and perform best on sunny days. Should weather factors diminish the available sunlight or, if for any other reason the solar system is unable to keep up with the system demands, a fuel efficient on-board diesel generator is also monitoring the power system. The generator will self-activate, running only long enough to recharge the batteries. After sufficient recharge is achieved, the generator will shut off and continue to monitor until reactivation is necessary. Additionally there is an 110VAC battery charger included if constant AC power source is available. To power the system with AC, you need only to connect power to the trailer unit with an extension cord rated at 16 gauge or larger. Should this power be interrupted, the system will revert to solar/generator without intervention.


  • 5'x8' single-axle metal-framed trailer

  • Stabilizer Jacks

  • 30’ Pneumatic (optional 20’ cable-driven) telescopic mast, with pre-wired Nycoil cable conduit

  • Solar: Three (3) 200-watt 12VDC solar panels with 30A charge/status/load controller

  • Battery: Eight (8) 350Ah deep-cycle battery

  • Generator: Air-cooled single cylinder diesel engine powering a 12VDC 150A generator, intelligent battery status monitoring, and auto-start, charge, and stop capability. (est. fuel consumption, 4hrs/US gallon)

  • Fuel Capacity: 30 to 50 US gallons

  • 100A-12VDC battery charger (powered by external 110VAC source)


The system is equipped with four (4) full hi-definition (up to 2688X1520) bullet cameras. Each camera is capable of 3x optical zoom. Vari-focal lens allows up to a 93-degree horizontal viewing angle. Each of these cameras is equipped with 30 LED IR illuminators with a range of up to 33 meters in total darkness. The bullet cameras are rated IP66 for dust and moisture resistance, making them ideal for construction or other environments where dirt and moisture may be a concern.

An additional 2.1 MP high-definition (up to 1920x1080) Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) dome camera is also included. This camera allows up to 20x optical zoom and is equipped with ten high powered IR LED that can illuminate and area of total darkness up to 495’. It can configured to auto patrol multiple specific areas of concern - each with its own level of zoom, be manually controlled by authorized personnel through the monitoring software interface, or set to a static location, such as an entrance gate for a detailed visual record of employee and visitor traffic. The PTZ is also rated IP66 for dust and moisture resistance.


Supplemental lighting is also included and can be configured in the form of visible illumination (detectable by the human eye) or infrared (IR) for more covert monitor/recording, if visible illumination of the area is not desired. Visible illumination can be configured to turn on or off at specified times

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