Off-Duty Security Services

Off-Duty Law Enforcement Security Service

Whether it's a brick-and-mortar location, construction site, or an oil and gas project, Athos has the solution to protect our clients' assets. We specialize in providing local off-duty law enforcement officers, the most effective, versatile security representative, to our clients across the US. As trained, certified, active duty law enforcement officials, our officers have the authority to make arrests.

Clients work with Athos because:

  • Insurance: Athos carries a $13 million umbrella insurance policy, providing an extra layer of financial insulation for clients in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit. (By hiring off-duty officers directly themselves, companies unknowingly are often the only financial insurer for those officers…needlessly exposing the company to substantial financial risk.)

  • Brand Protection: Athos is not simply a staffing agency. Behind every officer is a management team of experienced corporate security directors and law enforcement executives; for clients with brand and business reputation assets to protect, working with companies to ensure oversight of off-duty officers and managing of special events protects everything valuable to a client…its people, its assets, and its reputation.

  • Visible Deterrent: Officers serve as a visible deterrent to crime and disorder (as opposed to non-law enforcement personnel), have the full authority of state local laws to address threats and risks, and have extensive training and experience in “de-escalation” of conflicts to minimize unintended and undesirable results for the client.

Additional Athos benefits include the following:

  • We hire, schedule, and dispatch all off duty security personnel

  • We coordinate with over 500 officers per week

  • $40 billion in secured projects conducted

  • Incident reports are completed and forwarded to client

  • We enforce client performance standards and post orders

  • Officers are monitored by the Rollkall Platform

  • All client information remains confidential

  • Security is provided using local active duty law enforcement officers

    • Know local crime concerns

    • Know the law enforcement officers on duty

    • Full arrest authority and are regularly trained and tested through their department

  • Athos covers payroll and files all W-9's

  • Bonded and insured with $13 million in liability and umbrella

  • One contact, one invoice

Our specialized security services include:

How Our Security Services at Athos Group Can Help

In addition to our off-duty security services, we offer security program consulting which includes site analysis, risk assessment, and recommended solutions and countermeasures.

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