Off-Duty Police Officer Security
Off-Duty Police Officer Security

Off Duty Services: Off Duty Peace Officer Security

Full-Time Law Enforcement Officers

Whether it's a brick-and-mortar location, construction site, or an oil and gas project, Athos officers have the authority to make arrests, keep the peace and do it professionally. Athos provides active off-duty law enforcement officers to assist our clients with their security concerns.

There are many benefits to hiring Athos and employing our off-duty peace officers for your security work:

  • Our officers are held accountable to the highest standards of integrity.
  • The solution is both efficient and cost-effective.
  • The officers are armed and have arrest authority.
  • Law enforcement officers are highly trained and capable of providing elite security services.
  • We handle all payments to the officers and/or departments.
  • We provide you one monthly invoice.
  • We help mitigate risk by providing a certificate of insurance in your name.
  • We are your one source for all your security and surveillance needs.

Learn more about hiring off duty police officers by calling us (888) 812-1202.

Off Duty Security Service Available Nationwide

Why Partner with Athos?

Athos has been serving clients in a variety of industries nationwide since 2006. We're proud of our reputation for quality service and consistency. Our clients rely on us to provide sophisticated and reliable security for their business, project, or event. Athos employs thousands of active-duty officers from local, county, and state law enforcement agencies to provide armed security for industries nationwide. All of our officers are bonded, licensed, and insured. And our simple billing process means you get one invoice while we take care of the officer and department payouts. With a wide range of efficient and cost-effective services, Athos always has you covered.

Police Security from U.S. Law Enforcement Officers

An off-duty officer’s presence is a visible deterrent to crime and disorder. They have the full authority of state and local laws to address threats and have extensive training and experience in “de-escalation” tactics to mitigate risks. Athos off-duty officers are consistent, reliable and held accountable to the highest standards of integrity.

We Cover Every Officer: Insurance for Added Financial Security

Every Athos officer is covered by a $13 million insurance policy, providing an extra layer of security for clients in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit. When companies hire off-duty police officers directly, they unknowingly expose themselves to huge financial risk as the sole insurer for the officers they employ.

We Protect Your Brand

Behind every Athos officer is a management team of experienced corporate security directors and law enforcement executives who work to protect your most valuable assets—your people, property, and reputation. Our experts collaborate with our clients and officers to ensure everything is kept safe, including your client information.

We Got It Covered

With Athos, you gain access to hundreds of officers across the nation at the local, county, and state level. No matter where your business takes you, your security detail will always have full arrest authority and you’ll be the first to know about local crime concerns anywhere in the U.S.

Off-Duty Officers vs. Guards

  • Licensure - Licensed as active peace officers
  • Training - Rigorous law enforcement training. All officers go through their respective police academies
  • Authority - Arrest authority, search and seize, enforce the law
  • Local Knowledge - Officers know the local crime scene and provide valuable information to staff and supervisors
  • Access To Replacements - Easy access to fellow officers who may be able to respond if assigned officer cannot make shift
  • Crime Deterrent - Strong visible deterrent
  • Armed vs. Unarmed - Always armed, and trained to respond with the correct level of force, including non-life threatening
  • Access to Back-Up - Regular radio contact with dispatch and local patrols
  • Know Fellow Officers in the Area
  • Traffic Control - Trained in traffic and pedestrian control, including the ability to provide emergency vehicle
  • Response Time - Onsite in under 4 hours in some cases

Armed Guards

  • Licensure - Licensed to carry firearms while working for a security agency
  • Training - Limited in-service training is required by some states (e.g. 10 hours classroom and minimal hands-on firearms)
  • Authority - Trained to use a firearm when there is imminent danger. No arrest authority.
  • Local Knowledge - Minimal
  • Access To Replacements - Can be very challenging based on the number of available guards licensed with the security agency
  • Crime Deterrent - Minimal and not respected by criminals who know their authority is limited to that of a private citizen
  • Access to Back-Up - Call 911
  • Traffic Control - Not authorized to direct traffic on public streets in most states
  • Response Time - 24-48 hours

Unarmed Guards

  • Licensure - Simple state licensure
  • Training - Typically less than 10 hours
  • Authority - Trained only to observe a crime and then call 911
  • Local Knowledge - Minimal
  • Access To Replacements - Can be very challenging based on the number of available guards licensed with the security agency
  • Crime Deterrent - Minimal and not respected by criminals who know they will not take action
  • Armed vs. Unarmed - Not armed, and not licensed to carry a firearm
  • Access to Back-Up - Call 911
  • Traffic Control - Not authorized to direct traffic on public streets in most states
  • Response Time - 24-48 hours

End-to-End Security Management

Athos is your all-in-one solution to simplified security management, specializing in:

  • Hiring, scheduling, and dispatching all off-duty security personnel
  • Sending incident reports directly to you
  • Enforcing client performance standards and post orders
  • Monitoring your security detail with the RollKall platform
  • Handling payroll and W-9s—Athos handles it all
  • Simplifying billing with just one monthly invoice

Off Duty Security Services

Athos offers a wide range of off-duty security services, such as the following:

  • Traffic Control
  • Construction Security & Safety
  • On-Site Security for High Risk & High Profile Locations
  • Special Events & Product Launches
  • Workplace Violence Prevention & Response
  • Layoffs & Employee Termination
  • Protest Management & Strikes
  • Disaster Response

In addition to our off duty security services, Athos offers security program consulting that includes a site analysis, risk assessment, and recommended solutions to close the gaps in your current security plan.

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