Pipeline Construction Security

Our job at Athos is to help our clients put pipe in the ground as efficiently and as securely as possible. This means staying in front of any potential threats to our client’s projects, and ensuring that distractions and interference are kept to a minimum. This is accomplished through a strong collaborative effort between the pipeline company, the contractor, and Athos. Our expertise and guidance helps ensure that a well coordinated security strategy is executed by all members of the project team, no matter the size of the project.

A Modern Approach To Pipeline Security

Not long ago pipeline construction projects were not concerned with security and treated it as either an afterthought or a “rounding error”. While this may still be true for small maintenance projects, larger pipeline builds require different strategies and actions across a multi-year timeline. This requires participation by multiple parties within the oil/gas company, such as senior leadership, legal, government affairs, engineering, corporate communications, estimating, procurement, and operations. In order to avoid cost overruns and ensure that projects run both on time and on budget, contractors should be proactively estimating the potential cost of security for their projects. Only through a very intentional effort can personnel, equipment, and brand be protected.

Project Planning

A well thought through security plan can save a client a substantial amount of money, lost time, and potential brand damage. The repercussions of a bad approach can not only stall or halt a project before it has a chance to go into operation, but can hurt any future ventures that a company hopes to begin. The security plan begins pre-FERC and should include both intelligence gathering and a thorough risk assessment.


Prior to turning dirt or clearing right-of-ways, clients must be sensitive to and aware of local concerns and resources. Pipelines may traverse sparsely populated areas where access to trained security resources may be a concern or through densely populated areas where opposition groups can turn out large numbers of protesters on a consistent basis. Security should be consulted and utilized both to help uncover potential threats, and also provide protection for both executives and town hall gatherings.


Once a project has been awarded to a contractor, the operational side of security becomes vital. This is where a strong security management team can make or break a pipeline build. How a contractor handles equipment yard security, right-of-way security, traffic control, HDD’s, and protest events can determine whether a project is finished on time and on budget, or ends up in legal trouble with lawsuits for years afterwards. It’s important that company and contractor interests stay aligned and that communication remains strong throughout the project.

Regardless of the project size or your company’s role, the experts at Athos can help.

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