Police and RollKall: The Role Technology Plays In Off-Duty Management

Police and RollKall: The Role Technology Plays In Off-Duty Management

Off-Duty security management is easy, right? You find a law enforcement officer, hire him/her, tell them where to be, when to be there, and pay them. That may be the case for a college frat party, but that rarely suffices for the majority of details and requests made by most businesses.

In today's world of technological advances and the ever-present smartphone, both companies and officers expect more. Officers want easy access to jobs at their fingertips and clients want transparency. More advanced and trusted security providers realize they have two unique groups of clients and must cater to the needs of both. The good news is that technology has helped marry the needs and desires of both the officer and the business while allowing security firms to capture greater efficiency. This increase in efficiency leads to better service for the business, officer, and security company, allowing security providers to pass along savings and operate with complete transparency.

Changing the Game with RollKall

Technology today, specifically the RollKall platform developed by The ATHOS Group, allows us to communicate seamlessly with thousands of officers across hundreds of departments and geographies. With a few short clicks we can quickly communicate with our trusted coordinators, officers, and departments, giving them the details they need to assist our clients. The expediency by which we can communicate with all stakeholders not only allows for greater transparency between all parties, but it increases trust and adds a level of service that was previously not possible.

Before this valuable technology was available, security companies could only wait for the client to call with bad news when officers didn’t show or when incidents occurred. Now, our officers, operations team, and companies all have access to the same platform. The platform allows our officers to get the reminders they need regarding upcoming jobs they have, and for our ops team to constantly monitor the status and location of each and every officer. While this may seem like "big brother" to some, in the law enforcement community this is viewed as a powerful tool to ensure the safety and integrity of the officers.

For businesses, this environment of openness allows managers to quickly have insight into their off-duty security operations across all locations. Rather than relying on a security provider to submit daily or weekly reports, businesses can now quickly access the pertinent information they need with just a few keystrokes or taps on their phone.

Simplified Billing and Processing

Technology has redefined the off-duty space by ensuring timely and accurate payment of officers, as well as more efficient processing of client invoices. Off-duty security providers face a unique challenge in the security industry in that their officers may work for multiple clients in the same pay period. Because most states classify these officers as independent contractors, they are responsible for submitting their own invoices. Active officers, working multiple details for multiple clients, generate significant administrative requirements. Using technology, security providers can easily and rapidly process the documents needed to invoice clients and pay officers. Best of all, since additional staff is no longer required, these tasks are completed with greater efficiency and costs are not handed down to clients.

The digitization of invoices allows officers to quickly submit a single invoice for multiple jobs, with the tap of a few keys on their phone or computer. It also ensures that security firms can meet regulatory requirements and make expeditious payments to officers. For an individual business, this means that off-duty firms can quickly respond to audit requests and more accurately bill for actual hours worked, rather than hours scheduled.

Today’s security managers and executives face increased pressure to monitor expenses while ensuring the safety and security of their personnel, property, and brand. Therefore, it's crucial that their off-duty provider responds in turn with a well thought-out and executed technology plan. Technology is, by its nature, always evolving. If done correctly, these advances can lead to greater efficiencies and customer service for multiple parties. If technology is haphazard or not properly managed, it can result in the severance of trust – or more importantly, breaches in security.

For more information about how The ATHOS Group can provide a streamlined and efficient solution for your business' security needs, call us today.

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