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Retail Security Case Study

The Difference Between Armed and Athos


One of the largest retailers in the U.S. was facing a major problem— their stores were being targeted and robbed at gun point, causing customers and employees to feel uneasy and theft reach an all-time high. To deter criminals, local armed guards were placed on site, but because they had no real legal authority, the robberies continued.

After one armed guard improperly discharged their weapon, the retailer replaced the entire security staff with off-duty police officers from the same armed guard company. Problem was, this company paid officers 30% less than competitive jobs in the area and often skipped payments.

This created a new kind of problem for the retailer—an alarming rate of call-ins and no-shows that left the store—and brand—vulnerable.


How do you attract qualified and reliable off-duty officers to a high-risk assignment?

Improve customer and employee safety, protect the reputation of the brand, and find out why so many LEOs were abandoning their shifts. All while attracting trained and vetted officers to a high-risk job.


Redefine the relationship between local law enforcement officers and the retailer.

After performing a market study to find the true competitive rate for officers in the area, Athos took over off-duty security for the client.

We increased the hourly rate to reflect the risk of the job, established a rotating schedule of qualified officers to cover shifts when call-ins occurred, and guaranteed payment.

Using the RollKall app, designed to manage and track their jobs and time, officers in the area were able to accept shifts, submit invoices and receive payouts weekly without fail.


Since Athos took over, we've had an overwhelmingly positive response from officers and the retailer. Officer absenteeism is no longer a problem and the random rotating coverage schedule helps keep costs down and criminals on their toes. The client has had zero robberies, reduced shrinkage and partnered with Athos to expand the security program nationwide.

  • 0 Robberies
  • ↘ Shrinkage Rates

Is your retail security plan living up to your expectations?

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