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Law Enforcement Staffing & Off-Duty Management

Athos was founded in 2006 to help cops put food on their tables and earn extra money. Since then, we have grown to become the preferred security provider of America’s largest corporations and organizations. As former law enforcement executives and corporate security directors, we are recognized nationally as subject matter experts in off-duty and deployment of off-duty officers as security providers.

At the request of our law enforcement colleagues, we’ve begun offering outsourcing services through Athos Management Services (AMS). AMS combines our expertise as former law enforcement executives with RollKall, a state-of-the-art smartphone application, to efficiently handle any department’s off-duty program needs. RollKall, currently in use by 10,000 US law enforcement officers, allows AMS to staff and monitor off-duty assignments as well as provide customized reporting to agency leadership.

AMS outsourcing is provided at no cost to the agency and is customized to ensure officers work in accordance with your agency policies.

About RollKall, the Leading App for Off-Duty Management Nationwide

Developed and tested for the last five years, RollKall efficiently staffs and monitors officers working security details. Officers clock-in and clock-out using the app, which also allows us to monitor the officer’s whereabouts during the assignment, ensuring the client knows they are covered. RollKall allows efficient collection of client payment as well as customized reporting for law enforcement agency leadership. RollKall is already supporting 10,000 US law enforcement officers by providing them access to off-duty assignments. Focus on running your department; we’ll handle the rest.

How Athos Management Services Works

Modest administration fees are collected from the entity receiving the security service, and departmental admin fees can also be collected and forwarded by AMS. Hourly pay rates for officers are established by the agency. When an AMS serviced agency receives a request for off-duty assistance, the request is transferred to us. We handle all the details from staffing and oversight to collection of fees. We follow up with reports to the agency so they can monitor the program. You specify the rules; we ensure they are followed.

Want to get started with AMS? Contact us and we will customize a program specifically for your agency.

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