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Cybersecurity can simply be defined as the protection of valuable intellectual property and business information in digital form against theft and misuse. The US government has stated that cybersecurity is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation. Cybersecurity risks continue to mount. Attackers continue to outpace defenses and become more sophisticated, companies look for greater profits through technology and an online presence, the workforce is more dispersed and reliant on connectivity, and global supply chains are more vulnerable due to an increased reliance on being interconnected.

Organizations must defend against ever-present cyberattacks, the threat from disgruntled employees, intellectual property going to competitors, online fraud, and a multitude of other risk. Eliminating all threats is impossible, but effectively protecting against them without disrupting business innovation and company performance is a must. Organizations must expand their defensive responses to cybersecurity risk. This will require much more engagement from the employee level to the C-suite, and less reliance solely on the IT department. Protecting data and information should not just rely on technology as organizational culture and human factors also play a major role. Athos can help you understand these human factors, and increase your organization’s security levels through training without buying expensive software.

Athos cybersecurity training can be customized to meet your unique requirements to help ensure a secure environment and meet compliance requirements. The training can be presented through instructor-delivered exercises, executive briefings, job specific classes, and general end user classes delivered at our offices or yours. By empowering your organization and end-users with relevant cybersecurity knowledge, you will be reducing corporate risk and creating an organizational culture of security. Our training will equip the target group for success by accurately and effectively communicating real world cybersecurity threat intelligence and knowledge.

Some examples of our security training include:

  • Employee level security training
  • Security training for specific functions i.e. IT, HR, Executives
  • Training for security staff
  • Briefings on current cybersecurity issues
  • Computer security incident response
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