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Project Planning

A security plan anticipating security needs, risks and gaps plan can save a client money, time, and risks to people, materials and equipment. Experienced Athos staff provide assessments, budget guidance, and planning logistics well ahead of project kick-off.


In any construction project, clients must be sensitive to and aware of local concerns and resources. Security should be consulted and utilized both to help uncover potential threats, issues, and in projects which may have opposition, provide protection to both executives and town hall gatherings.


Once a project has been awarded to a contractor the operational side of security becomes vital. How a contractor handles equipment yard security, right-of-way security, traffic control, HDD’s, and protest events can determine whether a project is finished on time and on budget, or ends up in legal trouble with lawsuits for years afterwards. It’s important that both client and contractor interests stay aligned and that communication remains strong throughout the project through commissioning/completion.

Road and Bridge

Formulation of traffic routing plans, working with state Departments of Transportation and local authorities, and use off-duty officers for safe traffic management and protection of equipment is a hallmark of Athos’ experience and expertise over the last decade.

Oversized Modules, Trailers and Materials Movement

Our team assists in the planning and execution for safe movement of key components and materials safely and securely from ports or rail yards to sites and facilities.

Facilities and Structures

Using combinations of off-duty officers, guards and temporary camera surveillance assist in managing risk during the construction cycle of a project. Athos team members work with clients to design and implement a “layered” approach to managing security issues, employing the proper solutions at the appropriate times of a project life while managing costs and risk.

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