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When your company, or its security team, is notified of a critical incident…explosion…fire…natural disaster…your list of priorities immediately grows to hundreds of items. All are important; many critical. The key to addressing them quickly, effectively and with an eye to protecting your people, your assets and your company reputation is to delegate and outsource as many as possible to a trusted partner so that you can focus on the things only you are able to do. Our clients trust Athos to plan, staff, and manage security resources - including off-duty officers - so they can focus on other priorities.

A critical incident may rapidly deplete area security, police and safety logistics resources, making last minute hiring impossible. Managing relationships and coordinating with government agencies, and departments, while being mindful of company needs and goals, requires experience and judgement. Agreements and planning in place with Athos in advance best positions a company to respond and “return to business.”


As former corporate Security Directors, we’ve been there – from pipeline ruptures, to facility fires and emergency shutdowns…

As former federal agents, we’ve been there – from creating and leading incident command posts, to heading interagency task forces and managing regulatory, law enforcement and safety needs where lives and property are at stake…

As a company, Athos has been there - from partnering with clients to manage the aftermaths of hurricanes Isaac and Gustave in 2008, Hurricane Harvey in 2017, to tornados in Joplin, Missouri and Moore, Oklahoma in 2011 and 2013. The Athos team has supported company responses to facility emergencies, such as a major west coast pipeline spill which had dozens of agencies involved in the cleanup effort over a period of months, overseeing dozens of security and safety contractor companies and hundreds of personnel.

Contact one of the Athos team members to support planning for - and response to – major incidents.

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