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Working with Hospital Administrators to Provide Security Services Nationwide

Hospitals have been identified by security experts as one of the most difficult venues to protect. Hospitals contain expensive equipment and controlled substances that attract a criminal element. They operate 24 hours per day and are, by design, open to visitors. They are occupied by people in crisis--both crime perpetrators and victims, and those with mental illness who may be more likely to respond violently. It is no surprise, then, that hospital employees are much more likely to be victims of workplace violence than any other profession. According to OSHA, healthcare workers are four times more likely to become workplace violence victims than other professions.

At Athos, we understand the unique private security needs of healthcare facilities and we are proud of our success in this sector.

We provide security services to all types of healthcare facilities, including but not limited to:

  • Pediatric centers

  • Hospitals

  • Laboratories / research centers

  • Medical centers

  • Stand-alone emergency rooms

Whether your facility is big or small, with employees counting in the dozens or the thousands, your security needs are specific and unique. At Athos, we tailor our security services to the needs of each individual client. Your facility is all about providing care; at Athos, our goal is to enhance that objective with our own unique skill set. We let your patients and staff feel safe and secure knowing that we are looking out for them.

Our officers are local, trained law enforcement officers with existing relationships with community members and the emergency services in the area. Our clients feel confident knowing that the officers working in their facilities are vetted by our team at Athos and committed to providing superior service with a focus on sensitivity and discretion.

Solutions Designed to Prevent Hospital Assault

Increased tempers can lead to assaults within hospitals and medical centers. Our trained active duty law enforcement officers are best equipped to handle volatile situations and typically are able to prevent dangerous incidents by acting as a visible deterrent or de-escalating the confrontation. We are dedicated to providing the services our clients need and the peace of mind they deserve.

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