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Why Athos

Why Athos

Integrity. Service. Accountability.

At The Athos Group, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to creating innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business or corporation. Because of our commitment, we have built a solid reputation and are recognized for our service to multiple industries, including oil and gas, retail, restaurants, banks and other financial institutions, property management companies, construction, manufacturing and industry, hotels and hospitality, healthcare, and disaster response.

Honest & Reliability.

Our experienced team is dedicated to integrity in everything we do. This means you can rely on The Athos Group to provide honest service that meets or exceeds your needs. Our support solutions are backed by the latest innovations in the industry, state-of-the-art technology, our experience in law enforcement and business, and proven methods.

The Security Solutions You Need

Our unique experience in law enforcement leadership and in Fortune 500 companies allows us to create security solutions to address your business needs. We can guide your company through the process of analyzing security risks, training your employees to recognize and respond to those risks, and developing a range of mitigation measures. Mitigation measures can range from the development of policies and procedures to utilization of professional off duty law enforcement officers. We stand ready to assist in crises like natural disasters, equipment failures, mass power outages, fires and workplace violence incidents. challenge your business.

Accountability in Our Services

We take your security seriously and our people and the clients that rely on us are at the core of everything we do. Using first-in-industry applications and software, Athos ensures that you always have the oversight and audit trail you demand. The Athos Group utilizes the RollKall platform to assist both our clients and officers in the tracking and history of jobs worked.

To learn more about the Athos Group and how our Nationwide security solutions can benefit you, call us today at (888) 812-1202.

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