Case Studies

Case Studies

Constructing a Multi-State Pipeline Security Plan


As the nation’s pipeline infrastructure expands to reach new communities, so does the need for international oil and gas companies to have a comprehensive and localized security strategy that protects both their assets and their reputation.


How do you plan for one of the largest natural disasters in history?

How do you effectively secure the physical assets of multiple companies and dozens of crews along a 600-mile pipeline spanning 4 states?

To secure the construction, crew and assets of a high-capacity pipeline stretching 600 miles, across 4 states and 30 different law enforcement jurisdictions. While evaluating the impact of the project on local agriculture and hunting cycles to identify potential risk and opposition within the community.


Bridge the gap between project leaders, law enforcement officials and the community with boots on the ground.

officer-responseUncovering the right details marks the difference between success and failure. Athos started by sending a team to connect and collaborate with surrounding law enforcement agencies, construction supervisors and anyone supporting the project. These relationships helped inform a comprehensive security plan.

One detail that made a difference was understanding how the pipeline might disrupt local life and the potential for it to cause tension and opposition within communities along the pipeline’s path.

Throughout the project, our staff communicated daily with construction supervisors and law enforcement officials in neighboring counties to bridge the gap between police, on-site crews and the community. For the duration of the project, we stood by to navigate local obstacles and rigid jurisdictional restrictions that could lead to vulnerabilities and downtime as the pipeline crossed state lines and law enforcement boundaries.


Every voice was heard. Every challenge was overcome.

  • Deployed 600 Miles of pipeline

  • 200+ Local police officers

  • 30 law enforcement jurisdictions

  • 4 states

  • ZeroYouTube moments

Whether you need to repair a mile of pipe or connect drilling sites across the country, Athos partners with oil and gas companies big and small to keep their projects secure and timelines on track.

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