Nationwide Managed Security Services

Off-Duty Officers

Law enforcement officers are recognized throughout the security industry as the ideal and often the most efficient onsite solution. Athos makes the hiring, scheduling, and payment to these officers and departments as simple as placing a single phone call.

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Managed Security Services

Athos is committed to providing a tiered approach to our client’s security planning and operations. We provide our clients with full security outsourcing solutions, allowing them to focus on the strategic needs of their companies. By selecting tiers, or scaling these services, our clients are able to meet the existing and changing needs of their operations with targeted yet budget minded solutions.

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Protest Safety & Response

In today’s world of constant social media, re-invigorated protests and activism, any company can quickly find itself the subject of a protest action. How you manage a protest can determine whether it is a quickly passing cloud or a full blown viral storm.

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The Athos Group

  • Integrity


    Our experienced team is committed to providing the highest quality of support in the security service industry.

  • Integrity


    A wide range of services from off-duty law enforcement to assisting in incident command.

  • Integrity


    Using the RollKall Platform we are able to hold our officers accountable

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Serving a Wide Range of Industries
Across the US

Industries We Serve

  • NRF
  • AGC
  • RILA
  • ASIS
  • HCA