Technical Services

Video Surveillance Solutions for Remote or Temporary Locations

Our temporary surveillance solutions provide clients with the ability to have real-time visibility into the operations of construction projects or as part of a disaster response. Since the camera systems are self-contained they remain unfixed and can be moved with relative ease.

We offer two options based on the needs of the client and environment:

Mobile Surveillance Unit (MSU): The Mobile Surveillance Unit is a self-contained camera trailer with up to seven cameras (fixed or PTZ) as well as area lighting. These units are ideal for locations where self-power and a high vantage point are important. With a mast that extends up to 25’ in height, this solution provides a wide coverage area and the ability to rise above many obstructions.

Portable Surveillance Unit (PSU): The Portable Surveillance Unit is great for locations where power and a fixed base and a place to mount the system are already available, or can be supplied by the client. These plug and play units have the same basic functionality as our Mobile Surveillance Unit, but lack the structural support and height provided by a mast and trailer.

State of the Art Technology

We use state of the art technology so advanced that the resolution is better than some TV stations. The beauty of our surveillance technology is that it can be controlled wirelessly, so you can use it anywhere. Our cameras can provide a 360-degree view with a 20x optical zoom and 90-degree tilt, all of which can be controlled nearby or from a remote station.

Along with an exceptionally high resolution all cameras are equipped with infrared lights allowing for visibility in low light conditions, and have a NVR capable of backing up 3-4 months depending on configuration.

Use Cases

Our technical services team is regularly called on to assist with:

  • Disaster Response
  • Construction
  • Temporary Equipment Yards
  • Demolition

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