Security Management Support

Security Regulatory Matters

Government Relations in the Security Risk Management Domain

ATHOS team members support company members responding to critical incidents, not only with their off-duty security and temporary technical surveillance needs, but can assist in incident command and regulatory review of response and recovery after an incident.

Support in DHS/TSA Corporate Security Program Reviews

With extensive experience as former Corporate Security Directors, ATHOS staff will assist in preparation for Corporate Security Reviews conducted by U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, for energy companies involved in petroleum and petrochemical transportation sectors. Athos will also assist companies in field operational reviews through referrals to trusted partners.

Security Program Benchmarking and Strategic Change Management

Corporate restructuring, growth, or expansions through mergers and acquisitions often force security directors to rapidly adjust to changing operational and financial realities. ATHOS staff, employing their deep corporate security experience, assist and facilitate these transitions…from assisting company security leaders in identifying industry best practices and solutions…to supporting the formation or re-engineering of the full security function within a company.

Sensitive Investigations

Companies find themselves requiring support in sensitive internal investigations, or complex matters demanding specialized resources or expertise not residing within the company’s existing staff. Using a trusted network of associates, each of whom are former federal agents, ATHOS assists members of an Office of General Counsel or an Enterprise Chief Security Officer in quickly and discreetly assessing issues of concern and providing key information for decision makers. With confidentiality, accuracy, and sensitivity, ATHOS associated investigators work closely with a client to tailor their results to the specific needs of the client.

Civil and Criminal Due Diligence

In hiring, contracting, or managing allegations of impropriety against employees companies often find limitations in large scale service providers to obtain essential information to assess business and workplace risk. ATHOS provides timely, complete and value sensitive information for companies to assess potential vendors, partners and others through identification of criminal and civil records and documents. Each case is managed as an individual concern, with close client coordination to ensure needs are addressed and all available options for inquiry are determined for client decision.

Corporate Office Security Risk Assessments

Physical security of a workplace is of critical concern to companies, whether the risk is from theft and trespass, loss of intellectual property, terrorist attack, or an act of workplace violence. ATHOS associates provide corporate office security risk assessments based on current best practices and benchmarks, working with clients to identify the best risk mitigation measures while supporting effective business operations and managing costs.


ATHOS staff provide training sessions to support clients in critical areas; most at no or nominal cost. Training sessions are live, and intended for Security, HR and Legal Department Professionals, either in individual groups or as interdisciplinary teams in venues from a “lunch and learn” to large all-employee meetings.

Topics include “Managing Workplace Violence Incidents – Steps and Pitfalls,” “Forging Effective Security Partnerships,” and “Managing Security Risk – A Guide To Leading Change.” Other topics available on request.

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