Workplace Violence Response

Protect Your Company from Workplace Threats

Although many steps have been taken to curb the amount of workplace violence incidents, it remains a serious and expensive problem for businesses across the country. In fact, the annual cost of workplace violence is estimated at $4 billion each year. Of course, the problems caused by workplace violence aren’t limited to the economic impact, as it can lead to employees feeling unsafe at work.

If you work in human resources, you should have our phone number available at all times. Most workplace violence incidents are unexpected, so you need a security company who can respond at a moment’s notice. At ATHOS, we employ off-duty law enforcement officers, rather than career security guards. This means that when you call ATHOS, the responders have superior training to de-escalate the confrontation, and can also arrest the person if necessary.

Learn the facts about workplace violence:

  • More than 1.7 million employees are victims of assaults at their workplaces every year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Since 1990, an average of 1,000 people lose their lives each year due to violence on the job.
  • This number has risen from the 1980's, when about 750 people were killed at work annually.
  • Approximately 50% of firms with 1,000 employees or more have experienced at least one occurrence of workplace violence, according to a study by the United States Department of Labor.
  • Security magazine named workplace violence one of the top five concerns of the nation's leading security managers.

As a business owner, protecting your company and your employees is understandably one of your top priorities. Our team at ATHOS can provide the services you need to respond adequately to a workplace threat. We're one of the most successful full-service security firms in the U.S., and we serve clients in a broad range of industries nationwide.

We can handle any violent situation in the workplace including:

  • Attempted robbery
  • Reaction to employee termination
  • Assault on an employee by a significant other
  • Employee-on-employee violence

Why is ATHOS Superior to Other Security Companies?

ATHOS is a superior security solution for one simple reason – every one of our officers are active duty law enforcement. Security guards can only do so much – if an arrest needs to be made, they will have to call the police. ATHOS officers, on the other hand, have the power to make the arrest themselves.

Workplace violence issues are usually unexpected, and require immediate response from your security company. Only law enforcement officers like the ones at ATHOS can consistently respond within a short time frame, helping you minimize the potential damage of a workplace violence incident.

Clients trust their security to ATHOS for many reasons, including:

  • Our officers are trained, trusted, and familiar with your area and local emergency services
  • We make client satisfaction our first priority
  • We offer comprehensive security, investigation, and surveillance services
  • We provide security for some of the largest companies in North America

We at ATHOS offer temporary or continued facility security services in response to threats of workplace violence. It's important that you have a plan in case of a crisis. Our team is here to protect you, your employees, and your customers. We're national leaders in responding to these types of inner-facility or company threats, and our occupational violence prevention services can be trusted.

Neutralize the Threat. Call ATHOS Immediately.

The reality of workplace violence is that it is unpredictable, and can quickly put the lives and safety of your employees in jeopardy. For this reason, you need to choose a security company that can truly deal with the threat at hand. Our officers can make an arrest if necessary, and have extensive training in deescalating these types of situations.

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