Are You in Need of Traffic Control?

Traffic Control Services Nationwide Since 2006

Our team at ATHOS provides security services concerning traffic control. We are widely used to help with traffic control in and out of businesses, parking garages, churches, events, and more. Since we utilize local law enforcement officers to provide services out team is properly trained in traffic and crowd control. Whether on a highway or providing egress and ingress into a facility or parking garage, we know how to help you keep an area safe even with a heavy flow of traffic. Retain our team for any of your traffic control needs, whether the job is long term or short term. ATHOS is a name you can trust.

Moving Vehicles, Bicycles, & Pedestrians Safely

Our officers comply with local and state traffic laws in keeping traffic flow moving and keeping drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safe. Our off-duty security services include traffic control for corporate buildings, facilities, highway, oil and gas construction, along with major events or large gatherings. We work with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to keep traffic flow safe and orderly while staying efficient. We are prepared to ensure traffic laws are followed and drivers and pedestrians kept safe. We can also ensure safe and structured parking.


We are a fast growing security firm founded in 2006 and equipped to serve industries and business across the United States from our home base in Texas. We utilize off-duty peace officers across the country to serve our clients' security needs by coordinating with local law enforcement representatives. This is beneficial for our clients as local officers already have relationships with emergency services in the area and are familiar with the community.

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