Off-Duty Peace Officers

We Provide Only Full-Time Law Enforcement Officers

ATHOS provides off-duty active law enforcement offers as our security personnel. Our team offers security services across the nation. We retain local officers to handle security for us, and our supervisors travel in order to provide oversight, consistency, and quality assurance for individual client projects.

What does a typical security project look like?

Our ATHOS supervisors first connect with law enforcement representatives in the area to establish a personal connection with the local department. From there, we coordinate and schedule active off-duty peace officers for your project in every area and we also handle payment so as to serve as your single point of contact, making matters simpler for you. We provide one monthly invoice for your convenience.

We'll take the night shift.

There are many benefits to hiring ATHOS and employing our off-duty peace officers for your security work:

  • Our officers are held accountable to the highest standards of integrity.
  • The solution is both efficient and cost-effective.
  • The officers are armed and have arrest authority.
  • Law enforcement officers are highly trained and capable of providing elite security services.
  • We help mitigate risk by providing a certificate of insurance, adding you to our insurance policy.
  • We are your one source for all your security and surveillance needs.

ATHOS has been serving clients in a variety of industries nationwide since 2006. We're proud of our reputation for quality service and consistency. Our clients rely on us to provide sophisticated and reliable security for their businesses and events.

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