Property Management Solutions

Facility Security Services in the United States

Our company provides facility security services for buildings and businesses nationwide. ATHOS is known for quality. We're proud of our reputation for elite facility security. Standing with our clients in protecting their safety and their assets is what we do best, and you can count on us to provide the security and the peace of mind that you need.

Our property management services include security for facilities such as:

  • Malls
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings

Holiday Shopping Security: What We Provide

We also provide seasonal holiday shopping security. Many of our clients choose to ramp up security during the busy period between Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving - and Christmas Day. We provide this service by employing local law enforcement officers in your area to stand as security personnel for your company while they are off duty. We vet our officers thoroughly and we work closely with representatives for the law enforcement in your community.

Our company uses the strategic application we built, RollKall, to keep track of our officers, coordinate their schedules, and to make sure they check in on time and stay present at their shift. We accomplish this by providing direct-to-program check-in and then tracking the physical location of our officers while they are on duty. This gives you peace of mind because you'll know that your security is where it is supposed to be, when you need it.

Traffic Control Services

Many companies need traffic control personnel, and this is another service we at ATHOS provide to our clients. Utilizing trained active duty law enforcement officers, we can control the entry and exit of traffic and pedestrians at your place of business, ensuring safety to customers as well as a consistent flow of traffic without clogs, congestion, and frustrating delays. Learn more about these services by speaking with our team at ATHOS.

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