Road & Bridge Construction Services

Reliable Traffic Control & Construction Security

ATHOS offers reliable surveillance and construction security across the country. Since 2006, our company has made a name for itself as a leading full-service security firm. One of our many services includes traffic control and security for highway and bridge projects.

Why Hire Traffic Control for Your Construction Project?

Ensuring the safety of both workers and civilians during road and bridge construction can be an enormous task without the right assistance. Whether you are closing a lane for sidewalk work or repaving a highway, our off-duty officers can provide protection and logistical help.

Some of the services we can provide include the following:

  • Creating awareness with marked police cars
  • Stopping traffic signals and manually directing traffic
  • Protecting workers with our off-duty officers
  • Meeting state requirements for construction safety
  • Following a striping machine for lane painting
  • Closing lanes for sidewalk or other work
  • Setting up safeties around bridge construction
  • Overseeing highway construction and repaving projects

Due to increased speeds of highway travel, it is important for construction projects to properly control and direct traffic away from the site. Our construction security team is trained in traffic and pedestrian control and can provide vehicle lights to the site. We can analyze the project, assess the risks involved, and offer innovative solutions for your construction site.

Maximize Safety with ATHOS

Road and bridge construction is inherently hazardous. Many bridge construction projects have resulted in injury to workers or even fatalities to a vehicle driver. Our services will help minimize those risks. In our history, ATHOS has provided security and surveillance services in countless major projects. Our success rests upon the hard work and careful attention our company pays to our clients. You can trust our management, a team made up of current and former officers, military personnel, and state and federal law enforcement officers, to keep you secure. We’ll keep our services simple for you—all you need to do is tell us where you are working, what type of coverage you need, and how long you need it.

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