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Asset Protection Services Through Private Security

The statistics about bank robbery are sobering:

  • Every hour and 17 minutes over the last five years, a bank robbery has occurred somewhere in the United States.
  • In this time period, more than 33,000 bank robberies occurred, resulting in over $335 million stolen.
  • Approximately 93% of the banks targeted in these bank robberies did NOT have security guards or off-duty peace officers.

While banks and other financial institutions require serious security around the clock, even these measures cannot necessarily protect a bank from internal criminal activity. Our team at ATHOS knows how to maximize asset protection. We provide the security services financial institutions need to ensure the safety and security their customers and staff deserve.

We hire only off-duty police officers.

Our security service coordinates with law enforcement representatives in your area to retain off-duty peace officers for all security jobs. This means that no matter where you are, you can be sure of working with security personnel who are highly trained and experienced. We vet our officers and work directly with them to coordinate schedules. In addition, we use the unique remote monitoring platform we developed, RollKall, to ensure that officers show up on time and where they're supposed to be, when you need them.

All of this equals peace of mind for our clients while being incredibly convenient for them as well. We do all the work of choosing officers and coordinating schedules ourselves, so our clients do not have to worry about these details. We're their singular contact, coordinating paychecks and costs in order to provide one simple invoice every month.

Our officers, but your post orders.

Our officers are used to working in high-pressure environments where it's imperative that post orders are followed precisely. Whether highly visible or more reserved our officers are trained to handle your locations with the professionalism you deserve. If you do not already have a set of post orders for your locations we can help you develop those.

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