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Our private security experts at ATHOS (ATHOS) provide our security, surveillance, and investigations services for a wide variety of industries across the United States.

The industries we serve include, but are not limited to, the following:

Why should I choose ATHOS for my business?

You should feel confident in our ability to secure your business. Founded in 2006, ATHOS is one of the most successful security firms in the United States. Our technology is state of the art, and our solutions are reliable and proven. You can depend on us to provide the assistance you need to ensure peace of mind.

We'll Take the Night Shift

Trust ATHOS to provide the elite security and surveillance solutions needed. We use off-duty peace officers in your area in lieu of security guards, coordinating with local representatives in order to do so. Along with having full arrest authority. These officers are familiar with the community and with local emergency services, which is a huge benefit to our clients.

In addition, you don't have to worry about paying multiple officers: We handle the details for you! We provide the ease of one convenient contact, with one monthly invoice. One contact, one invoice; we make it easy.

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Get in touch with us today with your questions; we're here to help you. Contact ATHOS at (888) 812-1202. We serve clients in a broad range of businesses all across the nation from our base office in Texas.

Don't hesitate to speak with us regarding your private security and surveillance solution needs.

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